Shorts Outfit Ideas: Summer Styling Tips and Tricks

Endless summer outfit ideas bombard you every time you open social media, making it challenging to nail down your style while considering comfort. Today, we'll look at a summer wardrobe essential: shorts. We'll create versatile looks for common summer activities to get those creative juices flowing. Let's go!

Beach Day Bliss

Alright, you've got your sunscreen, water, and towels, but the most crucial question remains: what to wear? Let's start with the shorts, of course. For a day filled with sun-soaked relaxation, opt for lightweight and airy shorts that offer both comfort and style—think cotton and linen. 

Try gently used shorts from H&M and Gap to help you achieve this look.

As for the top, let your swimsuit steal the spotlight. Whether you're rocking a simple bikini top or a sleek one-piece, slipping on a pair of shorts not only adds a layer of comfort but also ensures a quick outfit change when it's time for a refreshing dip. To put the finishing touches on your laid-back beach look, don't forget to accessorize with some chic sunglasses and your favorite pair of flip-flops or sandals for an effortless transition from the beach to the boardwalk.

Park Past-times

Whether planning a picnic, playing with your kids at the playground, or simply taking a stroll with your furry friends in the local park, comfort is key. And what could be more comfortable than the classic choice of denim? Yes, denim shorts are the perfect go-to for a day in the park. The beauty of denim lies in its versatility–there are no rules here. Choose any wash, any length, whether high-waisted or hipster, tailored or baggy; you're the expert on what makes you feel comfortable.

For a classic pair of denim shorts, check out Clothes Mentor’s collections from 1822, Madewell, and Torrid.

Once you've selected your denim shorts, it's time to find the perfect top. Opt for one that brings you joy; however, a simple tee is always a safe bet for a relaxed look that flatters everyone. Bonus points if it's an oversized tee for that extra level of comfort. Feeling a bit more adventurous? Go for a breezy crop top to add a touch of summertime chic.

When it comes to footwear, the choice is yours. Whether you prefer flats, wedges,, or a trusty pair of sneakers, select what best suits your planned activities for your park adventure.

To complete your ensemble, add a baseball cap for a sporty vibe and some light jewelry for a touch of flair. Voila! You've made a masterpiece that's equal parts stylish and comfortable for your day in the park.

Outdoor Adventure Excursions

Functionality is paramount for those craving a retreat into nature or exhilarating outdoor activities. Opt for performance-oriented shorts crafted with moisture-wicking fabrics and built-in UV protection. These shorts offer the versatility and durability necessary to withstand any outdoor adventure.

Shop great gear for great adventures from brands like Patagonia, Althea, and Columbia.

Mother Nature has a way of keeping you on your toes, so it's essential to dress in layers to combat chilly high altitudes and opt for moisture-wicking tank tops when braving hot weather. Here's a pro tip: select a color palette when choosing each item to ensure you look stylish while remaining practical.

Rocking a Variety of Shorts Is Affordable at Clothes Mentor!

All-in-all, styling shorts for summer activities requires balancing comfort, personal style, and budget–Clothes Mentor understands this well. That's why we provide options catering to every style, budget, and body type. Visit a Clothes Mentor store near you to start assembling your favorite pieces, and if you're unsure of your style, take our quiz online and let one of our personal shoppers do the work for you. Ignite your confidence with a summer wardrobe curated just for you.
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