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About the Kate Spade Brand

While Kate Spade has started designing more homewear in recent years, the company began in a sophisticated manner when chief designer—Kate Spade—began selling handbags in the mid 1990s after noticing an abundance of drab fashion in New York City. She sold the company in 2006 and it is now owned by Tapestry Inc., the parent company of other popular high-end retailers like Coach.

While the ownership changes may have had small influences on Kate Spade products over time, the main style of this iconic brand persists.

Kate Spade Style Explained

Kate Spade has a minimalistic, chic, and trend-setting feel to every piece. The brand stays away from any overly bright colors or patterns to maintain a classy and timeless style. Used women’s clothing from Kate Spade allows you to enjoy that fashionable style with budget-friendly prices.

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Popular Used Kate Spade Women’s Products at Clothes Mentor

Though relatively simple, Kate Spade’s clothes and accessories are made with elegant and sleek materials. The products we sell are fashionable and in good condition, so you are getting incredible value for whatever you find in our collection.

Kate Spade Purses on Sale

Handbags and purses are the core of Kate Spade’s brand. Crossbody bags, tote bags, small wallets, and many other types form a strong foundation for the company.

Being able to find these trademark handbags on sale but still in top-notch condition is a benefit you can’t find in many places. Take advantage of Clothes Mentor’s wide variety and browse our Kate Spade handbag selection to find something that matches your style.

Resale Kate Spade Dresses at Clearance Prices

As Kate Spade gained traction from its bags, the brand began to design and sell other clothes as well. Dresses became a big part of the brand to match the unique handbag style. Most of our dresses are short sleeve or sleeveless and go great with a jacket or other top layer.

Secondhand Kate Spade Accessories

We’ve also got a varied collection of shoes, bracelets, sunglasses, and other accessories that complete the Kate Spade aesthetic. Calm, contained, and yet wildly stylish, you can find all these items at Clothes Mentor for a reasonable price.

Other Kate Spade Apparel for Women

While Kate Spade is best known for its handbags, dresses, and accessories, we also receive the occasional top or bottom. Even if you have an idea of what you are looking for, our inventory just might surprise you.

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Not only do we offer discounted Kate Spade clothes and accessories, we will also buy certain items from you. All you have to do is: 1) bring in your items, 2) get them checked by our review team, and 3) get paid. This isn’t consignment, so you don’t have to wait for your clothes to sell.

We will give you cash on-the-spot if your clothing meets our standards. If you’re interested in selling us your gently used designer clothes, use our store locator tool to find a Clothes Mentor location near you.

Used Kate Spade Clothing FAQ

Should I buy used Kate Spade clothing?

If you are looking for Kate Spade apparel, consider buying resale clothes. You can often find the same stylish products in virtually the same condition as they were sold for a fraction of the price. Buying resale clothes also helps reduce fabric waste and protects the environment.

Where can I find used Kate Spade clothes for sale?

You have a few choices when looking for secondhand Kate Spade clothing, but they pose different challenges. Thrift stores might not offer the same quality of products even though the prices are good. Online marketplaces might have well-maintained items, but it can be tough to find them in your size.

If you’re looking for middle ground between affordability and quality, you’re in the right place. Our range of products is large enough that you will certainly be able to find something you like, and for a practical amount of money.

How much of a discount can I get by shopping resale Kate Spade?

Kate Spade apparel is high-end and can be expensive. When you shop at Clothes Mentor, you will save a minimum of up to 60-70% on resale designer clothes. We even adjust prices to ⅓ of retail costs for items that still have tags attached

Can I return my used Kate Spade clothing from Clothes Mentor?

Whether or not you can return your Clothes Mentor Kate Spade purchases to a store will depend on that store’s specific policies. When you order clothes online to be delivered to your home, you will not be able to make returns.