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About the Brand: Lululemon

Lululemon was founded in Canada and its first standalone store opened in Vancouver in the year 2000. Originally a design and yoga studio, the company’s decision to sell clothing was directly motivated by the need for practical clothes that people could sweat in.

How Discounted Lululemon Can Add to Your Wardrobe

Looking good while you exercise is a whole different challenge than dressing up to go out. If you have any intention of being comfortable in your gear, you often have fewer choices for clean, fashionable looks.

With our Lululemon resale products, you get clothes that are made for exercise. They fit your body in a way you like, they look sleek and streamlined, and they do it all at reasonable prices.

Popular Resale Lululemon Secondhand Products

The first Lululemon designs were made for women to wear during yoga. After continuous feedback, they now sell clothes for running, cycling, training, and other activities for both men and women.

Used Lululemon Leggings

You can find many different styles and sizes of used leggings throughout our Lululemon collection. We have colors and fits that make any form of physical activity seem possible. Because leggings are one of the most popular types of clothing that Lululemon sells, it’s important to us to have these well-liked bottoms ready and in good condition for you.

Lululemon Tops on Sale

Everyone likes clothes that look and feel good. Unfortunately, high retail prices hold a lot of people back from getting the outfits they want. The used Lululemon shirts, tank tops, and jackets we offer are only a fraction of the cost they would be in store.

Other Resale Lululemon Clothing

Beyond just clothes, we also sometimes have other Lululemon items and accessories that you can buy at a discounted price. This can include other activewear, scarves, or anything else that is sold to us by our customers.

Where to Buy Lululemon Secondhand: What Stores Sell Resale Lululemon?

When you’re looking for top quality gear at discounted costs, you have limited choices. You may be able to find donated clothes at a thrift store, but it’s very rare that they will be in good condition and the right size.

Your other option is to look on individual commerce platforms like eBay or Facebook Marketplace. You might be able to find what you’re looking for on those sites, but the items will likely be heavily used and the prices unpredictable.

Clothes Mentor offers quality clothes in good condition with consistent prices. You know what you’re getting is good when you buy from us.

Find Lululemon Gently Used Clothing at Clothes Mentor

If you’re looking to buy quality, stylish Lululemon clothes at a lower price than normal, you’ve come to the right place. You can continue to browse online or arrange a pickup at one of our store locations.

Resale Lululemon FAQs

Why is Lululemon so popular?

Lululemon sells high-quality luxury activewear, and they’re the most popular brand in their niche. The material they use is durable, and holds up well over long periods even through high-intensity workouts. While their products might cost more than other brands, they have very affordable merchandise relative to other luxury activewear brands.

Their products are very practical, stylish, and come with the cache of brand recognition.

Should I buy resale Lululemon?

When you buy gently used Lululemon clothes, you still get all the benefits of buying them new, it just costs less. Our products are in great condition—some of them are even “new with tags” (NWT), meaning they likely haven’t been worn before.

So yes, you should buy resale Lululemon, even if you have the means to buy it new, why would you if it’s the same quality elsewhere for less?

Where can I buy resale Lululemon clothing?

There are plenty of ways to buy used Lululemon women’s clothing, but it’s hard to find places that offer the variety at the price that we do. Other companies and individual commerce platforms just don’t provide the same value as Clothes Mentor.

Lululemon also has an online resale shop where they sell secondhand products for about half-off. The condition of these items will be comparable to the stock at Clothes Mentor, but they still cost more.

How much of a discount can I get by shopping used Lululemon clothing at Clothes Mentor?

In general, we list our resale clothes at ⅓ of the retail price. Some specific products might be marked down further, but on average this means the discount will be around 60-70%. When you’re looking for an expensive brand like Lululemon, you can end up saving a significant amount of money by shopping at Clothes.

Can I return used Lululemon products I buy from Clothes Mentor?

Clothes Mentor does not allow returns for products that are ordered online for shipping. However, if you pick up your purchased items from a physical store, the return policy will depend on that specific location. You should call ahead to determine what rules will apply.

If you cannot return your clothes, you may still be able to sell them back depending on the condition and whether or not the style is still current.

Can I sell my used Lululemon leggings and clothing at Clothes Mentor?

Yes, as long as the clothes are fashionable, properly-sized, and in good condition, you can sell us your used Lululemon clothes. Just submit them for review at one of our locations. and we will take care of the rest.