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About the Tory Burch Brand

Tory Burch is a luxury brand founded in Manhattan, New York in 2004. Since its founding by the fashion designer by the same name, Tory Burch has harnessed the vibrance of color, the timelessness of quality fabrics, and the edge of a bohemian style that makes the brand recognizable and unique. In addition to the iconic, globally-minded style of Tory Burch designs, they have also become known for supporting women through the Tory Burch Foundation, which provides business education resources for women around the world.   

Understanding the Tory Burch Aesthetic

Tory Burch's aesthetic is inspired by the time the founder spent visiting vibrant cultures around the world.  At Clothes Mentor, we know that crafting your own personal aesthetic is an important part of the shopping experience. If you’ve ever been curious about Tory Burch’s timeless, bohemian pieces but didn’t want to spend designer prices, browse our selection of used Tory Burch handbags and other pieces to enhance your wardrobe. 

Tory Burch Resale Products

While you may think that these affordable Tory Burch pieces are discounted by a one-time sale, you’ll be happy to learn that, at Clothes Mentor, we always price our items at an affordable rate.   We want these gently used designer items to find a new home. We’re proud to offer a way to keep used clothes and accessories out of landfills while helping our fashionable clientele find the pieces that suit their personal style. Whether you’re looking to pick up a Tory Burch bag used by a fellow fashionista or you just need a few classy pieces to spruce up your wardrobe, our Tory Burch resale items may be a great choice.

Used Tory Burch Bags and Purses

One woman’s used Tory Burch purse is another woman's treasure! Luckily, you can have your pick of fashionable used Tory Burch crossbody bags for nights out and functional used Tory Burch totes for days on the go. You can wear designer no matter the occasion without hurting your bank account.

Used Tory Burch Shoes

Taking a long way home? Sneakers. A busy day at the office? Flats. A night on the town? Heels. No matter what your day looks like, we carry used Tory Burch shoes to fit your lifestyle without sacrificing style. While shoes go in and out of style with the seasons, a classic Tory Burch shoe will stand the test of time. Even better? They come at an affordable price here at Clothes Mentor.

Other Gently Used Tory Burch Apparel

While owning a plethora of used Tory Burch purses could never be a bad thing, you may want to match your purse to the rest of your outfit. We have curated a collection of high-quality, designer accessories from Tory Burch such as vests, sunglasses, and earrings to help you complete your look. It’s always worth taking a peak prior to checkout.

Reasons to Purchase Secondhand Tory Burch

Sometimes the words sustainable, affordable, and high quality don’t go together, but here at Clothes Mentor, we offer all three. You can get your hands on affordable used Tory Burch bags, shoes, accessories, and more when you search our site. We also want to make it so it's easy to find pieces you’re in the market for, so we offer sort-by and filter options to save you the hassle of having to dig for the right piece. 

How to Buy and Sell Used Tory Burch at Clothes Mentor

Clothes Mentor will happily buy your old Tory Burch bags and any other gently used pieces you’d like to part with. We will review your items and, depending on the condition, offer you your choice of instant cash or store credit. In an effort to reduce waste, we then resell your used Tory Burch items to someone with the same eye for fashion as you. If you’re interested in selling your used clothes and accessories to Clothes Mentor, you can learn more about how it works.