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About the Coach Brand

Coach is a worldwide fashion brand that began in 1941 in New York City. The brand originally started to gain popularity with its leather products. In 1962, a new lead designer revolutionized the brand’s style to echo the feelings of freedom and equality that were surging in the country. Years later, Coach is now a globally-renowned organization guided by Creative Director Stuart Vevers.

Although Coach’s fashion has continuously evolved, they have always produced a reliable aesthetic and is associated with an upscale designer vibe.

How Resale Coach Apparel Can Complement Your Style

As a leather house, Coach is most known for its handbags. However, all their clothes communicate an air of professionalism and sophistication. Coach’s solid foundation in American values allows them to always be in tune with their audience. Here are some of the more popular used Coach accessories that we offer at Clothes Mentor.

Used Coach Purses

Leather purses have been a staple of Coach’s catalogs for decades. There aren’t many accessories that scream “designer” quite like a Coach handbag. If you’re looking to achieve that look without breaking the bank, you should try buying resale Coach purses online. You can find gently used Coach purses on sale at Clothes Mentor.

Secondhand Coach Bags

We offer many other types of Coach bags for different occasions. Totes, satchels, resale crossbody bags, wallets, and more are available in our collection. The blend of patterns and styles allows you to mix and match with your favorite outfits.

Used Coach Shoes

Along with bags, Coach also makes chic leather dress shoes that can be worn in the office or for a fancy night out. There’s no reason a new pair of shoes should drain your bank account! Get the style you know and love at an affordable price in our online store.

Other Resale Coach Products

Coach also makes other apparel, including sandals, backpacks, belts, and more. If you’re looking for stylish clothing or accessories—especially those made of leather—Coach is the company for you. Browse through nearly 4,000 Coach items to find exactly what you want.

Buy and Sell Used Coach at Clothes Mentor

Clothes Mentor is a resale women’s clothing store that buys and sells designer and name-brand clothing. Unlike some other resale stores, we only take clothing items that are in very good condition and stylish. We don’t buy apparel that we would not wear ourselves.

If you have gently used Coach products that you no longer want, you can sell them to us for cash on-the-spot. We have a team that will review the items to make sure they meet our standards. If the clothes are approved, you’ll walk out of the store with more money than you came in with.

Coach Resale FAQ

Why should I shop for resale Coach items?

There are two main reasons we encourage people to shop for resale Coach clothing and accessories: cost and sustainability.

Clothes Mentor typically sells clothing items for less than half of their original retail price. Brand new Coach bags can be worth several hundred dollars. Our used bags are in virtually the same condition but for only a fraction of the price. This allows customers to save money and still be the proud owner of a Coach item. If you’re going to buy a Coach wallet, you might as well have something to put in it!

Buying used apparel helps reduce clothing waste and helps reduce landfills. Our Coach resale products are high-quality designer items that didn’t get the love and use they deserved.

Can I return Coach resale clothing I buy from Clothes Mentor?

If you purchase secondhand Coach clothes online at Clothes Mentor, you will not be able to return them. However, if you go into one of our store locations, the return policy may differ based on the location. We recommend that you call ahead or ask an employee about the specific policy before you purchase an item.