How It Works

Sell Used Clothes for Women

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Every day, Close Mentor shops pay people like you CASH on the spot to purchase their gently used brand-name clothing and accessories. Unlike a consignment shop—where you might wait weeks or even months to receive payment—we pay you immediately for all of the items we accept.

How Does Women's Resale Work?

Clothes Mentor is the place to sell used clothes in a process that is sustainable, efficient, and rewarding. Selling used clothes means you are providing access to brand-name, high-quality items for your community members while lowering your carbon footprint. We believe that sustainable fashion is the best way to buy and sell clothes.

So, how do you sell your gently used items at Clothes Mentor? When you bring in your items, our trained staff will review them and then pay you in cash.

For pricing and payments, we use a computerized system that prices individual items. Find out where to sell used clothes at one of our stores by visiting our store locator page.

How to Sell Used Clothes to Clothes Mentor

We buy items that are clean, stylish, and in great condition. We appreciate that your life is busy, so our buying process is a computer-automated one. This makes selling us the items that you no longer need or use convenient, efficient, and rewarding.

Maybe you have changed jobs, changed sizes, or simply changed your mind…whatever the reason, if you are not wearing it, get CASH for it! So clean out your closet and bring your items into our stores.

We are looking for women’s clothing sizes 0-26 as well as shoes, accessories, and handbags. It’s a win-win for you, as your closet will have a little more breathing room and you will have made some extra money.

Bring Your Secondhand Clothes or Accessories

Sort through the clothes and accessories you no longer wear. Clothes Mentor accepts current styles in "like new” or “gently used” condition.

Fashion matters, so we look for current women’s fashion sizes 0-26. Petites, plus-size, and maternity clothing are also accepted/available at select Clothes Mentor locations. The condition also matters, as our customers expect the best. So that’s what we’ll buy from you.

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Have Them Checked

Our buyers review your items based on style, condition, brand name, and what’s currently in demand. When preparing a quote for your items, we will price them using our cutting-edge computer system.

We will need your identification to get started and process your buy more efficiently, so remember to bring your ID with you. We price items at about 1/3 of the original retail price and will offer you roughly 25-30% of that amount.

Clothes Mentor clothing rack of clothing

Get Paid for Your Used Clothes

Once we have reviewed and entered in all of the items we are able to purchase from you, we will present you with an offer. The time spent processing your items will depend on the number of buys ahead of you.

If you choose to accept the offer, you will be paid CASH there and then. Or, you can choose to take an in-store credit.

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Selling Used Clothes Online

Selling secondhand clothes has never been easier. Bring your clothes to one of our Clothes Mentor store locations near you and get paid before you leave the store. Every Clothes Mentor store operates the same, but because of the nature of resale, we offer unique designer items at each location.

Here at Clothes Mentor, we are searching for items that are in great condition, meaning gently used or with the tag still on them. We also consider the current demand for particular styles, which may vary by location.

When you bring your items in to get checked, please know that we recognize that life is busy! We want to ensure we are selling secondhand clothes and accessories that work for our customers. Plus, we know how great it feels to clean out your closet and earn some cash while you’re at it!

Who Are Our Clothes For?

When you sell used clothes to Clothes Mentor, you are selling your clothes to sustainable shoppers who want both style and affordability. All of our Clothes Mentor shops serve local communities, which you are helping us do when you donate and resell.

Our nationwide network of stores also allows us to sell used clothes online. You bring your gently used clothes into our locations, and they can be sent around the country.

Each of our Clothes Mentor store owners has personal ties with the franchise. You can learn more about the many benefits of running your own Clothes Mentor shop here.

Our customers are looking to spruce up their closets with fashionable clothing and accessories at an affordable price. Many of them are young professionals who want to dress well for their jobs. With Clothes Mentor, fashion is now accessible to everyone at an affordable price. Selling secondhand clothes boosts the community and makes fashion more sustainable. It’s a win-win.

We also know that everyone uses their unique sense of style to help express their personality. It can take a lot of time and effort to hone your style, especially if you’re not sure where to start! That’s why Clothes Mentor offers a personal shopper option just for our customers. It’s a free service that begins with a style quiz and finishes with a personal shopper helping you select outfits. Ease into fashion—stress-free—with Clothes Mentor’s personal shopper service.

Clothing Items We Buy

We buy accessories, athletic wear, blouses, boots, capris, leggings, designer denim, designer handbags, dresses, jackets, jeans, jewelry, long sleeve tops, plus-size apparel, handbags, sandals, scarves, shoes, short sleeve tops, shorts, skirts, sweaters, tank tops, and so much more!

Secondhand Women's Clothing

The resale items at Clothes Mentor include any type of high-quality clothing, shoes, and accessories. We accept designer brands, shirts, bottoms, outerwear, athletic wear, and dresses.

We are also looking for all sizes. We believe—and know—that women are more than one size, and that one size does not fit all. That’s why we are looking for women’s clothes sizes 0-26, including petite, plus-size, and maternity clothes in select locations.

Browse our women’s clothing for sale and choose by brand, size, and color. This will give you an idea of what types of items we are currently accepting. Our online inventory includes resale clothes from every location.

If you’re looking to pick up or drop off at a certain store to sell designer clothes for cash, you can even search for a Clothes Mentor shop in a specific location.

Luxury Pre-Owned Designer Handbags

Sell designer handbags for cash at Clothes Mentor. Whether your closet is stuffed full of large totes or clutches, Clothes Mentor is looking for handbags to sell in each of our local shops.

We also sell designer handbags online, so bring in designer bags, backpacks, clutches, wallets, and wristlets. Check out our website for women’s handbags for sale if you’re looking to buy or sell your designer bags.

Other Women's Accessories

Clothes Mentor stores buy more than just clothes. We also buy accessories, ranging from fashionable belts to baseball caps and everything in between.

Sell your necklaces that have sat in the box for too long and scarves that are ready for a second life. We also buy perfume, earrings, bracelets, sunglasses, rings, and other accessories that can add a little sparkle to their next owner’s life.

Check out our women’s accessories for sale to see what’s trending in your area.

Used Designer Shoes

We hear the question "Where can I sell my shoes for cash?” pretty much every day. Selling used women’s shoes to Clothes Mentor is an easy process and works just like selling us your used clothing.

To sell your designer shoes, simply bring them to a Clothes Mentor location, we’ll check them out, and, if accepted, offer you cash on the spot.

We accept all types of used designer shoes, including boots, flats, heels, sneakers, sandals, and more. Look at our women’s shoes for sale to learn more about the types of shoes we accept. If you are looking to clear out your closet, sell your designer shoes to a Clothes Mentor store near you today.

Clothing Items We Will Not Buy

Clothes Mentor is looking for brand-name fashion pieces that are clean, gently used, and in style. We accept women’s clothing sizes 0-26 along with designer shoes, handbags, and accessories.

Please make sure that when you do bring your items in, they truly are gently used. Sustainable fashion is extremely important to us, but we still want to provide our shoppers with high-end items that are in great condition.

What to Do With Used Clothes That We Don't Want

Clothes Mentor accepts brand name, gently used clothing and accessories for women. Our buying process takes into consideration the condition and style of your items. If your items are not accepted at a Clothes Mentor location, know that there are other choices available. Many Clothes Mentor locations can assist by offering to donate unaccepted clothing.

Choosing to buy and sell sustainably is the best way “to do” fashion. Giving your clothes and fashion items a second life helps preserve water, reduces landfill mass, and cuts your overall carbon footprint.

Where to Sell Used Clothes for Cash

If you’re looking to sell used clothing and accessories, come to any of our Clothes Mentor locations nationwide. Simply type the town, zip code, or state you are in into our locator tool to find the Clothes Mentor location nearest you.

Choosing the Right Store to Buy Your Clothes

Clothes Mentor stores are where you can sell used clothes and accessories for cash on the spot. We believe that women of all sizes should have the opportunity to purchase fashionable, affordable clothing while making a positive impact on the environment.

Find a nearby Clothes Mentor where you can bring in your used designer clothes today!