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Madewell Resale: Buy and Sell Used Madewell Clothing at Clothes Mentor

About the Madewell Brand

Madewell is one of the most popular clothing brands today, but many people don’t know about the company’s storied past. Originally founded as a workwear company in 1937 by a Russian immigrant who fled to the United States to escape anti-semitism, the company was then purchased in 2004 by J. Crew CEO Mickey Drexler. From there,  the company shifted to a trendy and fashion-forward brand with a mainstream audience. Madewell is a company proud to stand for the causes they believe in, such as offsetting carbon emissions through sustainability, offering inclusive sizing and hiring models of all sizes, and empowering women through their online “Female Empowerment” showcase. Overall, Madewell’s mission is to offer durable, timeless closet essentials that will last. 

Finding Your Resale Madewell Style at Clothes Mentor

Finding the right pieces on Clothes Mentor’s Madewell Resale page will be a walk in the park. In fact, if you're looking for something casual enough to wear for a walk in the park, chances are you’ll find what you’re looking for! We offer a wide variety of cheap Madewell clothing that will suit your style, whatever the occasion. Not only will you find all the essentials you need with Madewell, but you can rest assured knowing that the materials used to make your favorite pieces are sustainably sourced!

Madewell Recycled Jeans

With Madewell’s recycled jeans, you’ll experience comfort and a perfect fit while taking part in them.   Madewell’s goal of decreasing their carbon footprint.  Buying a  pair of recycled  Madewell jeans is like being part of the Sisterhood of the Traveling Pants, but with more options to suit your style. Browse thousands of size-inclusive Madewell used jeans and pick the perfect pair to form a simple yet classic outfit. 

Madewell Resale Tops

We offer many trendy and affordable Madewell tops that are perfect for any season and style. Curating your own style doesn't have to be a challenge when you can filter through our inventory, giving you the ability to find exactly what you’re looking for. We have blouses, tank tops, vests, sweaters, and more.

Other Used Madewell Apparel

Tops and jeans are great, but the two items alone don’t make an outfit. You’ll need accessories to really pull that outfit together, and we offer all kinds of gently used Madewell apparel to help you achieve your look.  Don’t know what you’re looking for? Scroll through all of our offerings online or visit one of our stores and see what catches your eye. 

What’s So Great About Used Madewell Jeans?

Denim is what Madewell does best. They have set big goals for more than 90% of their denim to be Fair Trade Certified by 2025. Additionally, they use sustainably sourced materials free of non-recycled plastics as key fibers. They also offer a program to resell used Madewell Jeans as part of their Madewell Forever initiative where they, like Clothes Mentor, want to give your jeans a second life. Their commitment to quality has made the company's jeans a popular pick for good jeans, so whether you buy Madewell used or new you know you're receiving jeans that you can keep for the long haul. 

How Clothes Mentor Can Help You Find Madewell Resale Clothing

If you own previously loved Madewell clothing that you’d like to give a second life, pass it on to us at Clothes Mentor, and we’ll make sure your clothes get into the hands of someone that will put them to good use! When you bring in your items, we will review the quality and condition of your items and give you a cash offer on the spot for the items we will resell. Help us expand our inventory, and we’ll help expand your wallet! You can explore the Clothes Mentor store locator tool to easily find the physical location near you or shop online.