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Understanding the Patagonia Brand

Patagonia has been changing the fabric of our lives since 1973 when their first store its opened doors in Ventura, California. They sold their original mountain climbing gear. Patagonia founder, Yvon Chouinard, noticed that rock climbing equipment often damaged the rock faces during climbs, so he decided to create equipment specifically designed to lessen that negative impact. Patagonia didn’t stop at innovating climbing gear; in 1985, they continued to reinvent the industry with the first iteration of their popular Synchilla fabric, which didn't pill and was softer than other fleece offerings on the market at the time. This fabric has been a mainstay of the company ever since. Patagonia continues to remain aware of the pressing environmental crisis we face, and they devote time and money to reducing their carbon footprint.

Reasons to Buy Patagonia Resale

Patagonia not only offers durable clothing, but they also offer an alternative to the detriment fast fashion has on our environment.

If you want to be a part of a mission bigger than yourself while saving money, check out some of the Patagonia resale clothes we offer here at Clothes Mentor. We share the same mission of reducing waste because it should be accessible for everyone to make better choices for our world.

In a culture of fast fashion and a quick-moving trend cycle, fashion brands have a responsibility to mitigate their large carbon footprint. Take a stand and be a part of the millions of fashionistas who are doing their part to care for our planet. You can experience significant cost savings by purchasing used Patagonia while building a sustainable wardrobe that you know will last.

Discovering Your Style With Secondhand Patagonia

Patagonia is the perfect brand for outdoor activities, gym classes, or lounging at home. Used Patagonia clothes offer both style and durability, so you don’t have to forfeit fashion for functionality. Patagonia clothes are perfect for rock climbing, hiking, skiing, running, or whatever your favorite activity may be!

Our Popular Gently Used Patagonia Apparel

Clothes Mentor offers a vast collection of cheap Patagonia clothing items ranging in size and style. Through our vast inventory, you are sure to find the exact pre-worn Patagonia pieces you have been looking for.

Used Patagonia Jackets

Purchased used Patagonia jackets for a steal of a deal at Clothes Mentor. Browse a
variety of jacket options, colors, and sizes to keep you warm and stylish. Patagonia used jackets still maintain their soft, durable fabric ready for your next adventure.

Used Patagonia Shirts And Tops

We offer many of Patagonia’s most popular pieces. Whether you're looking for used Patagonia shirts (a true closet staple!), a layering piece such as a used Patagonia vest, or a long-sleeve shirt, we have you covered!

Used Patagonia Pants And Shorts

In addition to cozy pieces like the Patagonia used fleece, Clothes Mentor also has a variety of bottoms including shorts, leggings, jeans, capris, and skirts, all affordable without sacrificing durability, sustainability, or comfort.

Other Resale Patagonia Items We Sell

Trying not to break the bank? We sell a plethora of Patagonia items, and the only way to fully grasp what is available in our online inventory is to browse through our Patagonia used clothing yourself. Check out hats, backpacks, and handbags to express yourself while remaining environmentally conscious.

Buying and Selling Used Patagonia at Clothes Mentor Locations

There is no Planet B. Just like Patagonia strives to “do no unnecessary harm” to the environment, we can all do our part in caring for our beautiful planet. That’s why Clothes Mentor wants to inspire you to live more sustainably and buy used Patagonia for Women. You can also sell used Patagonia in good condition to us at Clothes Mentor. We will review your items and give you a cash offer on the spot. Your lightly used clothes will go on to someone who can’t wait to open up their package as they build their sustainable closet.