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About Chico’s Clothing

Chico's originally opened as a boutique in 1983. They sold art on Sanibel Island in Florida—until their sweaters started to explode in popularity. Chico’s started franchising in 1989 and went public in1993 with boutiques all across the nation. While it has since acquired other brands, Chico’s is still the top property of the parent company. Chico’s is a multifaceted business because it sells not only its own products but also specialty products of trusted associates. The brand offers activewear and travel clothes for women from other retailers. Additionally, the parent company, Chico’s FAS, is also popular for its support of the Children’s Miracle Network Hospitals and Living Beyond Breast Cancer.

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The Chico’s style is a comfortable and unique twist on more traditional fashion. Inspired by folk arts and the original boutique, many of the clothes have bold patterns and colors. Chico’s has made large strides as a women’s clothing brand by expanding the situations they provide clothing for. Chico’s has unique vintage patterns that catch your eye, and many of the clothing items are solid colors that can be incorporated into almost any outfit. Every moment you hesitate, you miss a potential chance to buy the item that you want most.

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Our online store features a large selection of secondhand Chico’s clothing items. If you’re looking for ways to build a memorable outfit, start mixing and matching some of our fashionable products.

Chico’s Tops on Sale

Chico’s tops, shirts, and jackets are currently available in multiple sizes and all different types of patterns. Whether it’s hot, cold, formal, or casual, we have a comfortable and fashionable option that you will want to wear out and about. Our Chico’s clearance dresses and discount Chico’s sweaters add additional versatility to our inventory. Whether you’re trying to layer up, or deciding on your signature base, these tops can do it all.

Chico’s Bottoms on Sale

Clothes Mentor has Chico’s shorts, leggings, jeggings, jeans, capris, and skirts that can be worn to a variety of functions. Our online store is a great place to look for high-quality Chico’s branded clothing for much less than the retail price.

Chico’s Resale Accessories

Clothes Mentor sells distinct Chico’s necklaces and bracelets that can be used to complement the rest of your wardrobe. With a variety of accessories that can be used to develop a complete outfit, there’s no reason to look anywhere else for your gently used Chico’s accessories.

Other Chico’s Women’s Wear for Sale

We also sell small wrist bags, sandals, earrings, vests and much more. The only way to fully understand what we offer is to browse our online store catalog. Remember to apply search filters if you’re looking for a specific item or type of clothing.

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The full scale of Clothes Mentor’s resale Chico’s clothing and accessories can be found in our online stores. However, if you prefer shopping in person or would like to sell your clothes to us, you can visit one of our physical locations.

Used Chico’s Clothing FAQ

Should I buy Chico’s resale clothing?

If you want to add quality and fashionable clothes to your wardrobe without breaking the bank, Chico’s resale clothing is a great fit!! Every item of clothing from Clothes Mentor is stylish and gently used or never worn.

Plus, buying Chico’s secondhand clothes from Clothes Mentor doesn’t just benefit you, it benefits the environment. Every time you buy new clothes, you increase the amount of fabric and waste in circulation. For resale clothes, whether something was given away 10 years ago or yesterday, adding it to your closet saves it from sitting in landfills.

Can I return used Chico’s clothing from Clothes Mentor?

Every physical Clothes Mentor store has its own policy on refunds and returns. If you order online for an in-store pickup, you may want to call that store to confirm their policy. If you order online for delivery to your home, all sales are final and there is no return process.