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Used Brahmin Bags: Find Vintage Brahmin Handbags at Clothes Mentor

About the Brahmin Brand

Since 1982, Brahmin has stayed true to their roots of crafting fine Italian leather products right in Massachusetts. Founded by Joan and Bill Martin,  Brahmin has been committed to quality craftsmanship for over forty years.  While Brahmin remains family-oriented and craft-focused, they continue to expand and collaborate with other like-minded brands. Brahmin has made its mark as a highly sought-after designer brand. 

What Makes Discount Brahmin Bags Unique?

When you buy a used Brahmin bag, you are purchasing precision. Each bag is carefully thought out to be well-designed, fashionable, and functional.  Due to their dedication to sourcing only the finest materials, Brahmin bags are irreplicable and their handcrafted quality is evident to anyone that has a chance to hold these bags.

Clothes Mentor’s Brahmin Products

Clothes Mentor keeps a large assortment of Brahmin products on hand that are sure to impress a wide variety of designer bag lovers. Since we assess each piece we take on and verify them for authenticity, you can rest assured that you’re getting the real deal Brahim bag at an unbeatable price.

Used Brahmin Handbags

We have vintage Brahmin handbags for those that love a unique yet classic look or for a more contemporary look, we have colorful and trendy Brahmin bags that have been gently used. We want you to fall in love with a piece (or two!) to help you to express your personal style because that is exactly what Brahmin had in mind when carefully crafting each of their bags.

Used Brahmin Purses

Purses are versatile by nature. Some are designed to accentuate the perfect outfit, others are used to sneak snacks into the movie theaters, but the best bags do both! When you buy a discount Brahmin bag, you can transport all of your daily essentials while adorning a true piece of art at your side.

Other Brahmin Women’s Handbags

When you’re on the go, a full-size handbag may not be the best bag to get the job done. We offer Brahmin crossbody bags, wristlets, clutches, and wallets to provide you with the right bag for your day. Clothes Mentor offers many Brahmin handbags gently used by others with the same exquisite tastes as you so you can find an affordable product without sacrificing quality.

Finding Designer Bags Within Your Price Range

Gently used Brahmin bags are available at discounted prices, so you can find designer bags without breaking the bank. With a few clicks, you can filter the price according to your budget or sort from low to high to see what is available at a cost-friendly price. Carefully sourced materials are not easy to come by and Brahmin bags are crafted with pure luxury. While designer bags can get pricey, we are here to close the gap and get the bag of your dreams into your hands.

How to Buy and Sell Pre-Owned Brahmin Products

Have your own pre-used Brahmin purse that you’re ready to part with?  We’ll take it! We will buy gently used Brahmin bags that you bring into our in-person locations. A qualified sales associate will assess the quality and condition of your bag, and if it is a good fit for our inventory, we will offer you cash on the spot. When someone graciously sells us their gently used Brahmin bags, others are able to buy the perfect bag for them at a fraction of the cost. If you’re interested in buying or selling, come on into a Clothes Mentor store near you. Visit our store locator to find a Clothes Mentor location in your area.