Collection: Used Women's Clothing | Shop Used Clothing Online at Clothes Mentor

Used Women's Clothing | Shop Used Clothing Online at Clothes Mentor

How Are Resale Women's Clothes Different Than New Clothes?

What is your wardrobe’s expected lifespan? Answer: Until you fall out of love with it. Sure, we could dive into the science of cotton versus synthetics or leather versus suede. But that’s not why we buy clothes and it’s definitely not why we wear them.

Used women’s clothing means items whose original buyers simply fell out of love for any number of reasons—and often not because something’s “worn out”. In fact, sometimes the opposite can be true.

Picture this: a beautifully designed window or perfectly posed influencer—you had to have it. But the fit feels off and the color isn’t your favorite. It doesn’t matter, though, because you convince yourself you’ll wear it…eventually. But you never do, and it sits in the closet month after month until you decide that maybe this piece wasn’t for you after all.

You might have felt an overwhelming infatuation while purchasing that quickly faded, so the lovely top or perfect handbag has gone unused. We’ve all been there. But what should we do with it?

At Clothes Mentor, we believe used designer clothes deserve a second chance because we know there is someone out there scouring the internet trying to find the perfect used women’s clothing online.

So what’s the difference between new clothing and resale women’s clothes? Often very little, and sometimes nothing. The piece just hasn’t found the right person—yet. Not to mention buying secondhand designer clothes is also easy on the pocketbook.

Is Clothes Mentor a Thrift Store?

No, we’re not a thrift store, but like at a thrift store, at Clothes Mentor, you will find excellent prices. Thrift stores are often donation based and non-profit.

We’re also not a consignment store, which sells items in cooperation with the original owner, meaning any profit would be shared on a percentage basis after the sale.

Resale is a bit different. We purchase clothing from individuals wanting to sell their gently-used women’s clothing. Then we resell women's clothing online and in physical stores around the country (find a Clothes Mentor location near you).

We’re also excited that the work we do helps the environment and our cost-conscious customers find their dream style.

How Does Clothes Mentor Decide Which Used Clothes to Buy?

We carefully curate the collection of used women's clothing and accessories we carry in our stores.

We accept brand names, and we take into consideration the condition and style of your items. We’re seeking clothing sizes 0-26, and fashion pieces that are clean, gently used, in style, and in demand. Just visit a location near you and bring the items you think would shine on the right person.

If your clothing items aren’t accepted, we’ll even help you find a nearby donation facility.

How Much Can I Save With Used Designer Clothes?

We use a special system based on the original retail price along with the item’s condition and style to determine the price our customers will pay. Usually, shoppers will only pay about 1/3 of the original price.

You might be attending a lovely beach wedding this spring and feel certain a colorful Lilly Pulitzer dress would be perfect. It’s casual and bright, but also special—just like the occasion.

For a new dress, you might expect to pay on average anywhere from $100-250. But, when you purchase used women’s clothing from Clothes Mentor, you can find exactly what you’re looking for at a fraction of the cost (for a Lilly Pulitzer dress, it might be $20-80).

The same is true for your everyday wardrobe.

Maybe you’ve landed a new job, but you lack clothing options that’ll make you feel confident in the office. You can find used designer clothes and used women’s shoes that’ll fit any budget or style. You might find some H&M slacks for $11, match it with a colorful Chico’s top for $12, and a neutral blazer from J. Crew for $20. Suddenly, it’s a lot easier and cheaper to look and feel professional in any workplace environment.

Does Clothes Mentor Only Sell Secondhand Women's Clothing Online?

You’ll find our latest inventory both online and in-store at one of our over 120 locations. Find a location near you.

Benefits of Shopping Resale Clothing Online

Finding something special in a store near you is always exciting. But, the benefit of shopping for secondhand designer clothes online is that you get access to our full inventory. That means in one afternoon you can order a stylish dress in Florida and a used designer handbag in Ohio.

And there are many other benefits to buying used clothing online:

  1. You can curate a style that’s unique to you (not just the newest styles to hit the stores).
  2. You will be confident you’re finding styles that can stand the test of time.
  3. You leave the store (or shopping cart) feeling like you just completed a successful treasure hunt.
  4. You save hard-earned money for other adventures (or more outfits).
  5. You support local businesses and, consequently, the communities where they operate.
  6. You help support a healthier climate.

Browse a Giant Collection to Find the Right Outfit

Are you looking for athletic clothes? We definitely have them in stock. Handbags? Check. Used women’s shoes? Absolutely. Maternity clothes? We’ve got them.

When you shop at Clothes Mentor, you can browse an enormous collection of gently used women’s clothing—we’re talking thousands of items on thousands of pages.

Resale Is Sustainable

Lower your carbon footprint by shopping for used women’s clothing at Clothing Mentor. You’ll look stylish and preserve water, reduce chemical pollution, and keep clothing out of landfills. The same is true if you buy new and are no longer wearing that wonderful dress or using that designer handbag—sell it to us and we’ll look long and hard to find the right person for the piece.

We love fashion, but the reality is the fashion industry is the second-largest polluter in the world. We’re talking 1.5 trillion liters of water being used and 70 million trees being cut down each year to make the clothes we all want to wear.

Of course, we don’t advocate wearing burlap sacks, but there are simple things we can change about the way we shop that can make a big difference. One of those things is selling and buying used women’s clothing.

We’re pretty proud of this fact: In the last five years, Clothes Mentor has kept 35 million items out of landfills.

Secondhand Clothes and Accessories Are More Affordable

We’ve said it once, and we’ll keep saying it because it’s a big deal: Buying secondhand clothes will help you fund your fashion habit on a reasonable budget.

Used women’s clothing is often about 50-65% less than the original cost of the item—that’s massive savings. This helps you repurpose your clothing budget for other important life expenses (or more shoes—we won’t judge).

Buy and Sell Used Women’s Clothing at Clothes Mentor

So, how do you sell your gently used items at Clothes Mentor?

Step 1: Visit a store near you and a trained staff member will review your items. We’re looking for clean, quality, stylish, and in-demand clothing, shoes, accessories, and handbags.

Step 2: We’ll price each item using our specialized system that helps us process the items efficiently.

Step 3: Once we’ve reviewed and entered all the items we can purchase from you, we’ll present an offer.

Step 4: If you accept the offer, you will be paid in cash, or you can choose to take an in-store credit.

If you take in-store credit, you can use the money from the styles you no longer want to buy the styles you love.