Top Summer Picks to Keep You Cool Featuring Clothes Mentor Greenville

Sadie Cherney, owner of Clothes Mentor Greenville, shares insights on the hottest ways to stay cool this summer. And as a bonus, you can find all of them at her store or a Clothes Mentor near you!

She ensures how you can stay chic and cool throughout the season! As summer heats up, staying cool and fashionable becomes a priority. Research suggests that opting for light and loose fabrics can help keep you comfortable. Maxi dresses, linen garments, and wide-leg trousers are ideal choices. One thing to avoid is athleisure fabrics, which are not designed for cooling in the summer heat because they stay so close to your body. Embrace pastel colors, which reflect sunlight and aid in keeping you cool. Big, loose shorts provide excellent breathability and the latest clothing trend can attest to this. Cotton boxer shorts are making quite a trendy comeback. They can be paired with a cute shirt and stylish shoes for a chic and comfortable summer look. Or dressed more causal with a big graphic tee and a pair of fashion tennis shoes.

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