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About the Brand: Old Navy

Old Navy is a clothing and accessories store chain that has been around for almost 30 years. The first store was opened in California in 1994 by parent company Gap Inc. The goal of Old Navy was to offer lower cost products than other Gap stores (Banana Republic, Gap, Athleta, Janie and Jack, and Intermix) with more choices.

Old Navy now has more than 1,000 stores throughout the U.S., Canada, Japan, and Puerto Rico. Each one offers a range of sizes that include clothes for petite, tall, and plus-size women.

Why Shop Resale and Discount Old Navy Clothing for Women?

Old Navy clothes are comfortable, fun, and stylish. You can find lots of color choices to build the look you want quite easily. Beyond brightly-colored clothes, you can also find handbags, jewelry and accessories, and other daytime essentials to supplement your wardrobe.

Purchasing resale Old Navy clothes can help you add a brand you know and love to your wardrobe at a fraction of the cost. Not to mention the added sustainability of buying previously purchased clothes. Many of the products we offer are “new with tags” (NWT), meaning they have likely never even been worn before.

Our Popular Old Navy Resale Products

Although our Old Navy products are limited to the inventory we receive from sellers, we still have a large selection of different clothing types and fits for you to choose from. Here are some of our more popular resale Old Navy products.

Old Navy Sweaters

Clothes Mentor’s resale Old Navy sweater collection is well-developed. There are thick cotton sweaters for cold weather, open-front and cardigan sweaters for when you need layers, and even some bright sleeveless sweaters for those cooler summer— or warmer fall—days.

Old Navy Jeans

Old Navy does not just offer different cuts of jeans, they also divide pants by how they fit around the hips, waist, and thighs. Since we’re selling their clothes, we also have these different styles of jeans available!

So if you’re looking for denim, look no further. And if you’re not looking for denim, we also have a wide variety of used Old Navy cargo pants, leggings, khakis, trousers, chinos, and more.

Old Navy Skirts

Old Navy is a brand that prides itself on comfortable and fun clothes. That’s why the resale skirts we have are versatile and stylish. These pieces can offer a fresh look to your DIY summertime wardrobe. And one of the joys of getting such a good price is that you aren’t as worried about ruining your outfit. Stitch something in, wear them outside, find the connection between fashion and function with our selection of skirts.

Old Navy Clearance Dresses

Long and flowy? Short and sweet? How about any combination in between? We have resale Old Navy dresses available in different sizes and colors so you can find exactly what you need.

Shop Clothes Mentor’s Old Navy dresses for indoor and outdoor events that will go great with other pieces of clothing (like an old Navy cardigan sweater).

Other Old Navy Wholesale Clothing

Along with these products, you can also find plenty of other Old Navy clothes on our website, including but not limited to:

  • Used Old Navy rompers
  • Resale bodysuits
  • Used bomber jackets
  • Shorts of all sizes and styles
  • Used handbags, jewelry, and other accessories

Buy and Sell Old Navy Clothes at Clothes Mentor

If you see something you like, you can order it to be shipped to you, or arrange to pick it up from your local Clothes Mentor store. Additionally, if you have a piece of clothing that you think someone else would benefit from, don’t keep it to yourself, give it to us!

Here at Clothes Mentor, we don’t just sell gently used clothes, we also buy gently used clothes as well. We’re always looking for fashionable pieces sizes 0-26 that are in good condition. We do expect a certain quality, so don’t try to sell us something you wouldn’t be okay with buying yourself.

Once you bring in your new items, we will review them to see if they match our standards. If we decide to buy, we will make you an offer! We typically sell items for about ⅓ of the original price, and we offer you around 30% of that number. You can be paid in cash on-the-spot or receive even more with in-store credit.

If you’re looking to sell your used Old Navy clothes, check out our store locator page to find a location near you.

Used Old Navy Clothing FAQ

Where can I find discount Old Navy clothing?

If you want Old Navy clothes at a discounted price, you have two choices:

  1. Wait for an Old Navy sale that might not reduce prices on the clothes you want.
  2. Browse the Clothes Mentor selection online and actively seek out the items you’re looking for.

We offer undeniable deals that you didn’t even know you were looking for to begin with.

Should I buy used Old Navy clothing?

Yes, yes, YES. We only sell secondhand clothes that are in a certain condition, so you’re not missing out on quality. We have a wide selection of products, meaning you can find what you want to wear all while helping to protect the environment—and your bank account.

Can I return used Old Navy clothing from Clothes Mentor?

Any orders placed online for shipping are final. If you order clothes online for in-store pickup, your ability to get a refund will depend on the specific location’s return policy. If the clothes are still in proper condition, you may also be able to resell them.