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About the Brand: LOFT

The first Ann Taylor store was opened in New Haven, Connecticut in 1954. “Ann Taylor” was not actually a person, but rather a style of clothing that represented well-dressed women in that era. In the 1980s, the brand began to expand onto a national platform.

In 1996, Ann Taylor LOFT was launched as a sub-brand of Ann Taylor. It was intended to target a younger audience with more casual and relaxed clothing. As the unique clothing line developed its own identity, LOFT stores eventually dropped the “Ann Taylor” label. There’s now more than 500 LOFT stores and 100 LOFT outlets throughout the U.S.

The LOFT Style

LOFT has built its own style, but that doesn’t mean the clothes can’t be worn in a variety of situations. While striving to maintain a feminine flair, the LOFT produces shoes, accessories, daytime clothing, office attire, and more. The clothing selection is very diverse and opens the consumer’s wardrobe up to countless combination opportunities.

Popular Resale LOFT Clothes Store Products

The LOFT stores focus less on fun, wild designs, and more on comfortable, professional clothes. That being said, we still sell LOFT outfits of all different types. So don’t be afraid to browse through a couple of pages until something stands out to you.

Resale LOFT Tops

Clothes Mentor’s available LOFT tops range from short sleeve dresses to long sleeve top layers. We have thin shirts for warm days and jackets for the colder ones. You can find tops for backyard barbecues and bi-weekly management team meetings all in the same place.

Resale LOFT Bottoms

The bottoms at LOFT include jeans, flowy shorts, mini skirts, leggings, and more. These products are offered at a reasonable price while maintaining a sleek, clean look. A reliable style makes it easier to plan your outfits and find different clothes that mix and match well.

Used Necklaces by LOFT

LOFT makes more than just clothes. They also have a wide selection of trendy (but not flashy) accessories that sometimes make their way into our inventory. We sell used necklaces, bracelets, and earrings—really anything that can supplement your chosen style.

Other Discount LOFT Women’s Clothing

There’s a variety of sweaters, sleeveless tops, sweatpants, and blouses throughout our resale LOFT collection. You can find different colors, patterns, and fits that are ideal for a particular occasion.

Used LOFT handbags, sunglasses, and shoes can also draw some positive attention. However, whether or not we have these items can change based on the inventory we come across. But all of the accessories and clothes we do offer are sure to match some type of social or work event.

Find the LOFT Clothing Style You Want at Clothes Mentor

Wondering just how much you could save by shopping at Clothes Mentor? How about 60-70% on quality outfits? We typically list resale items at ⅓ the original retail price. That’s the same product, barely used (if at all), for a fraction of the price.

We will also buy clothes from you if they meet the necessary requirements. Start by finding a store near you and bringing any unwanted items in for review.

Used LOFT Clothing FAQ

Should I buy second hand LOFT clothing?

If you see a product that you like on our website, it will be tough to find the same value elsewhere. The clothes that we buy and sell are stylish and in great condition. If you want to buy nice LOFT clothes without breaking the bank, you should be shopping at Clothes Mentor.

What is the difference between LOFT and Ann Taylor?

Ann Taylor and LOFT stores are both owned by parent company Ann Inc. While they share many similarities, the biggest difference comes down to the money. Ann Taylor is viewed as a higher-end company, with prices for similar products costing twice the amount. LOFT is still viewed as a professional company with nice clothing, but the style is a little more practical and a lot more affordable.

Where can I find used LOFT women’s clothing?

Finding resale LOFT clothes can be tricky elsewhere online. You can check on eBay or Facebook Marketplace to see if anybody has what you want, but there are no guarantees of quality.

The buyer might not be telling the truth about an item’s condition, which could lead you to pay more than you should. Clothes Mentor only sells gently used clothes, and we have a consistent pricing method, so you know you can trust us.

Can I return used LOFT clothing from Clothes Mentor?

If you order your clothes online then pick them up at a Clothes Mentor store, your ability to return them will depend on that specific location. If you order clothes online to be shipped to you directly, all sales are final and there will be no returns.

If you receive your clothes and don’t want them, you may be able to sell them back to Clothes Mentor if they still meet all of the necessary criteria.

Can I sell used LOFT clothing at Clothes Mentor?

We would love to purchase any gently used LOFT clothing you don’t plan to wear again. Whether you got it as a gift and it doesn’t fit, or it’s just not your style, you can sell us used LOFT as long as it meets our criteria.