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J. Crew Brand

This American company is a staple for chic products that bring poise and preppiness into your closet. The J. Crew brand started as a catalog. Spinning off from Popular Merchandise, Inc., J. Crew’s first catalog was issued in 1983 and the company has continued its growth from there. Though its original retail home was in New York, J. Crew is now an international company, bringing classic American fashion to cities worldwide.

How J. Crew Clothes Complement Your Outfit

The J. Crew brand is bold, yet classy, consistently bridging the gap between its American roots and the latest runway trends. J. Crew has a versatile collection of apparel and items that range from beach-day casual to fine-dining attire. The brand loves incorporating prints and patterns, effortlessly balancing fun with subtly.

Crew continues to be at the forefront of American fashion. It is known for traditional looks with a modern flare, made from long-lasting material. J. Crew is also known to fall on the pricey side, which makes shopping for used J. Crew clothing an affordable, practical option. Shop our Clothes Mentor collection of J. Crew to incorporate this classic American look into your daily style at a price you can appreciate.

Our Popular Resale J. Crew Clothes

Shop Clothes Mentor’s collection of used J. Crew clothing for any and all occasions! If J. Crew fits your style, Clothes Mentor offers a sustainable way to wear the brand while saving money.

J. Crew Clearance Dresses

Shop our J. Crew clearance women’s dresses for many dresswear options. We have plenty of choices for business-casual dresses, as well as cocktail dresses for nights out and sundresses for weekend getaways. J. Crew clearance dresses can range from bold patterned statement pieces to more casual looks.

Discount J. Crew Tops

No matter what you’re looking for, we have gently used J. Crew tops to fit your needs. The J. Crew button down is a perfect top to bring out your business side with a nice pair of slacks and bring flare with a French tuck into some fitted jeans. Beyond the classic button-down look, enjoy our collection of blouses, graphic tees, crewnecks, tank tops, and much more.

Secondhand J. Crew Shorts

We offer a great collection of shorts, pants, skirts, slacks, and other bottoms to complete your look. Find your J. Crew items with a range of textures (hello, corduroy), patterns, and lengths. No matter the season, you can sport J. Crew bottoms from Clothes Mentor.

Other J. Crew Clearance Women's Clothing

Clothes Mentor offers plenty of options for J. Crew wear. Go casual with some fitted J. Crew ribbed jeans. Or, if you need to class up an outfit, put on a simple blazer over your blouse and, voila, you’ve gone from your dropping-off-the-kids outfit to business-dinner ready. And add some shine with J. Crew jewelry. The brand is also known for quality loungewear and bathing suits. Cozy up or get ready for some fun in the sun. Clothes Mentor has the used J. Crew clothing you need for every occasion.

Buy and Sell Used J. Crew Clothes at Clothes Mentor

Are you in the market to spruce up your closet with J. Crew? Browse our Clothes Mentor collection of resale J. Crew clothes either online or in your local Clothes Mentor store today! If you shop online, you can either have your items sent to you in the mail or held for in-store pickup.

If you are looking to revamp your own wardrobe, it’s helpful to make space in your closet by bringing your gently used J. Crew clothing into your nearest Clothes Mentor location. When you sell your clothes to Clothes Mentor, you support your community members who will give life to the clothes you no longer wear. We accept gently used clothes as well as other items that are still in great condition.

Here at Clothes Mentor, we believe in women’s resale fashion for the sake of affordability, accessibility, and sustainability. We provide our customers the opportunity to express themselves through fashion and support the planet by lowering their carbon footprint. Feel good, do good, and look good by buying gently used J. Crew clothes.