The Woman behind Clothes Mentor St Louis, MO

The Woman behind Clothes Mentor St Louis, MO

Clothes Mentor St Louis

To celebrate International Women’s Day & Women’s history month, we will be highlighting a few of the incredible female franchisees behind Clothes Mentor.

In 2012, after 20 years establishing my management career in the retail and resale business, I realized that it was the perfect time to become an owner myself.  With the previous experience and skills developed from years of leadership, I was inspired to join the Clothes Mentor franchise to build my own business by opening the first store in the St. Louis market.

I was raised by my mother, an Irish immigrant who came to America with a dream and very little money. She showed me every day that success was achievable by sheer determination and hard work. She developed herself through education, established a successful business, and got her US Citizenship all while being the CEO of our household.  She taught me that who you surround yourself with was just as important as your own actions to accomplish your goals. Watching her succeed has always stuck with me and has encouraged me to do the same.

Opening a Clothes Mentor in a city that didn’t have one was a challenge I was ready to take on.  The people throughout my life empowered me with their love and support along with my own abilities to move forward and keep growing.  Taking those practices and applying them has helped create our stores continued success. 

 Our store is blessed to have a team of wonderful women managing our day-to-day operations.  These women grow themselves every day and are always looking for the next challenge or success for us to reach. They are the foundation of what we do, and our job is to keep them feeling empowered and strong in their roles with us.

My amazing friends who shouted out about us from their social media pages, came to every store event, and never doubted our success in the market must be recognized.  They gave complete support to our concept of opening a store for women that had the best brands and styles at a price everyone can love, while making an impact on the world around us by keeping fashion out of the landfills and giving it a second life.

Success might have waivered if it wasn’t for my husband and 3 children.  They were amazing in their endless love and pride our new store and they still are today.  They never once questioned my abilities and only reminded me daily how strong I was and that I could accomplish my dreams.

 Of course, we wouldn’t be here without a huge THANK YOU to all of our customers and the Saint Louis community who have shopped and sold to our store over the many years since we opened our door in 2014. Their continued support gives us the ability to build and grow to be better every day!

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